We carry your future!
We are the experts in planning, operation and coordination of your time critical specific shipments and transportations.

SOFEX offers tailor-made cargo solutions by taking consideration of the special needs of your individual business. With a newly developed system it is now possible to elaborate suitable logistics solutions by using standardized procedures as to assure the greatest possible degree of security.

Not firms but supply chains compete in today's economy. Effective logistics services are integrated in your company's processes. That's why SOFEX-Logistics will work out the perfect solution with you, whether it concerns the availability of parts for your Just In Time production, the flow of material between different locations in- and abroad or the time specific delivery to your customer.

As much as necessary as little as possible! SOFEX-Net is the strong European Network for providers of logistics services. The members profit by means of synergetic effects and competitive advantages. Determined demand and free capacities are brought together and enables SOFEX-Logistics to offer you high quality at a low price.

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Our Corporate Principles-and we really mean it-embody our commitment to environmental protection. To avoid unnecessary kilometres we are always hold to heighten the quote of reloads. In our office we use recycled materials and we obtain our power from 100% renewable sources.